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Case Studies


“Since my schooldays, I envy my girlfriends with big boobs. Truth is, they look extremely fabulous in tight-fitting blouses. I am already 27 years old and still nothing much has changed in my appearance. I feel like I am a “man” when we go out together because I am always in jeans and loose T-shirt so as to cover up the fact that I have no breast. Please advise how you can help, do you think breast enlargement is suitable for me?”

Dear Flat Chest Gal,

Yes, it is helpful for you as you are psychologically affected and your self confidence has been eroded. Now with the latest state of art technology in breast prosthesis – the cohesive anatomical gel prosthesis breast augmentation is so much safer and the final breasts look more natural and attractive.



“I have been weighing 140kg for the past few years. As I am always so busy with my work, thus I have no spare time for exercise. Worse, I have a sweet tooth, I cannot stop eating chocolates, ice-cream and cakes. I want to lose weight! Please advise how I can do it.”

Dear King Kong, 

140kg is a great weight and it will affect your general appearance. If you are unable to control your diet and cravings then a course of Reductil may help. However, if this does not work well for you, then appropriate liposuction of the obese areas will help. Only when everything fails, I will advise that you go for stomach banding but this is not without complications.



“Mini Eyes Mouse I find that having double eyelids make oriental eyes look more attractive and outstanding. Unfortunately, I have one eye with double eyelid and the other without, thus I am always being teased and was given a nickname, Small Big Eyes! I will love to have both my eyes with double eyelids. However, I do have a few concerns which I need advice. Will there be scars after the surgery? Will I look “fake” after the procedure?”

Dear Mini Eyes Mouse, 

Do not worry, there will be a slight scar after the surgery but it will blend in with the folds and therefore it is not obvious. You will look great and natural if the surgery is professionally done. I am sure this will restore your confidence.



“After giving birth to my first child, I realized I am no longer attractive with my enlarged body and a huge sagging tummy. I can no longer fit into my dresses and skirts. In the past, I used to fit into “S” size but no longer now, I am wearing “XL” size now. I am very hurt whenever my husband tries to find excuses and keep me away from his gatherings and functions so as not to embarrass him. How can you help me regain my beautiful figure?”

Dear Sagging Tummy,

It is a fact that after child birth, the tummy muscles weaken and may not return to its original state even when you exercise regularly. You will often put on varying quantum of weight which can or cannot be lost depending on how much was added and how disciplined you are. For the first child birth, you can improve with liposuction if the fats accumulated are excessive and you are unable to shed it. Additional help can be achieved with radio frequency.



“I will be turning 39 years old in two days’ time. Recently, I noticed a lot of lines developing around my forehead, eyes, mouth and neck. The sight of myself makes me feel depressed and lousy, especially when my friends commented I looked older than my actual age. Do you think you can help me look more charming?”

Dear Troubled Wrinkled Man,  Premature or accelerated ageing can be precipitated by stress and one must realize this fact. However, it is already established then as a plastic surgeon we ca help by giving appropriate injection of Botox to decrease the wrinkles on the face. Laser surgery and fillers will also help. A combination of laser and radio frequency treatment will help to rejuvenate the skin and get rid of the wrinkles. For more lasting effect, you may want to consider facelift surgery.

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