The eye is a very important feature for a person - it will makes you appear confident, alert and attractive so that people can be drawn to you. A small, droopy and sleepy eye would be a sure disadvantage in the eyes of the public. For those not blessed with well defined upper eyelid fold the natural small droopy or sleepy eyes can be remarkably improved with an appropriate eyelid surgery called "Upper Blepharoplasty".

For the older ones when one ages the eyelid will droop and the once beautiful sparkling eyes have now deteriorated to small, sleepy tired looking eyes. This will often make one looses self confident and may affect your life and work. What can the plastic surgeon help? We can try our best to restore the appearance by removing the excess folds or skin, tighten the muscles and create the folds to make them look higher and more attractive and alert. This can be done under local anaesthesia in the clinic and when the post-operative swelling subsides completely the eyelids will be transformed once again to the desired status.

For those borned with congenital droopy upper eyelid - called congneital ptosis the corrections can also be done by strengthening the weak levator muscles. In patients who do not have any active lifting levator muscles we can perform a more complex surgery whereby we use the forehead muscles via a tendon transfer to lift up the eye that is ptotic.

For the older patient because of age they may have the condition called "Blepharoptosis". We can also correct them either strengthening the muscles or in association with an "Endoscopic Forehead Lift". These restorative surgeries will go a long way to help the affected patients.
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